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The national Diagnostics Planned Care team has a number of key areas of work.

Imaging Self-Assessment Checklist

We are engaging with Boards to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity via a self-assessment on waiting list management policies, processes and procedures. Each assessment will inform improvement opportunities.

We are also supporting Boards to adopt best practice through shared learning to improve processes and procedures, and maximise efficiency and capacity utilisation.

Expand Cardiac CT imaging to all Boards

We have worked with NHS Ayrshire & Arran and NHS Lanarkshire, with training support from NHS Golden Jubilee, to introduce a Cardiac CT service from January 2024. This will increase the capacity available nationally as well as providing local services for patients in these Boards.

National Ultrasound Training Programme

We have continued to collaborate and support the National Ultrasound Training Programme (NUTP), ensuring that training is available to those Boards where required for both the current Ultrasound service and the future service provision. 

We have been engaged in reviewing the achievements of NUTP against the projected training and activity within the business case and exploring the potential to expand the training programme to other services and staff groups.

We have collaborated with NUTP to provide training to extend the scope of Specialist Sonographers by identifying specialist gaps within the services

We continue to explore the need for other specialist training in Boards and identify possible routes to facilitate the required training.