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The national Centre for Sustainable Delivery has a lead role in a number of national workforce development programmes.

Accelerating the Development of Enhanced Practitioners (ADEPt)

ADEPt is a multi-professional initiative to facilitate the sharing and spread at pace of innovative workforce roles that add capacity to teams and services.

Enhanced Practitioners are qualified health and social care professionals, working at an enhanced level of practice, with specific knowledge and skills in a field of expertise.

We will continue to support the spread of these enhanced roles across Scotland to increase capacity and support for priority specialties.

Flying Finish

Flying Finish is a suite of activities and interventions that enable proactive career planning for all staff, thus facilitating meaningful career longevity in an age inclusive environment for an increasingly age-diverse workforce.

Team Service Planning

Team Service Planning is a multidisciplinary approach to defining, developing and delivering clinical capacity within a service or team.

Using a combination of tools and techniques, Team Service Planning enables services to significantly improve clinical capacity and access by strengthening their resilience and flexibility.